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Themes, Issues and Debates in Psychology, 4th Ed.

by Richard Gross


ISBN Print: 9781471804076

ISBN Digital: 9781471804083 9781471804090

Stimulate critical thinking with this thematic approach to Psychology by best-selling author Richard Gross, that integrates topics, theories and areas of research.

Themes, Issues and Debates in Psychology is ideal reading for all students of Psychology and is relevant to both the synoptic element of A2 and undergraduate courses. This thematic approach is not usually found in traditional textbooks.


  • Aids understanding with a thematic approach that provides a historical and theoretical context for what are usually treated as 'standalone' topics.
  • Encourages a broader, more integrated approach to essay writing.
  • Motivates critical thinking to stretch and challenge students in areas such as behavior, culture, consciousness, parapsychology and religion.