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Statistics for Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics, 1st Ed.

by Sophie Goldie, Roger Porkess


ISBN Print: 9781444146509

ISBN Digital: 9781471843181 9781444146516

This brand new series has been written for the Cambridge International Examinations course for AS and A Level Mathematics (9709). This title covers the requirements of S1 and S2.

The authors are experienced examiners and teachers who have written extensively at this level, so have ensured all mathematical concepts are explained using language and terminology that is appropriate for students across the world.

Students are provided with clear and detailed worked examples and questions from Cambridge International past papers, so they have the opportunity for plenty of essential exam practice.


  • With Personal Tutor each student has access to audio-visual, step-by-step support through exam-style questions.
  • The Test Yourself interactive multiple choice questions identify weaknesses and point students in the right direction.