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Science 2 for the International Student, 2nd Ed.

by Rick Armstrong, Rachel Whan, Elani McDonald, Gareth Jones


ISBN Print: 9780170353472

ISBN Digital: 9780170353489

Category: MYP Sciences, Science

Science 2 for the International student has been developed for the world student.  This six book series has been written by an experienced international author team and will benefit students studying the International Baccalaureate MYP Next Chapter. 


  • Content ensuring progression to MYP 3-5 and to higher study in the IB.
  • Flexibility that allows schools to develop a program suitable for their needs.
  • Clear, well-explained text.
  • Summative assessment task identified.
  • Student reflection built into each unit.
  • Progressive development of scientific inquiry through experiments and investigations addressing Criteria B and C.
  • Icons indicating the development of Approaches to Learning and Taking Action.
  • Review Questions.
  • End of unit Questions and learning activities.