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Psychology. The Science of Mind and Behaviour, 7th Ed.

by Richard Gross


ISBN Print: 9781471829734

ISBN Digital: 9781471829741 9781471829758

Provides the essential foundation for psychology students, this is a revised and updated version of the most trusted introduction written by the bestselling psychology author Richard Gross.

Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior has helped over half a million students worldwide. It is the essential introduction to psychology, covering all students need to know to understand and evaluate classic and contemporary topics.


  • Enables students to easily access psychological theories and research with colorful, user-friendly content and useful features including summaries, critical discussion and research updates.
  • Helps students to understand the research process with contributions from leading psychologists including Elizabeth Loftus, Alex Haslam and David Canter.
  • Ensures students are up to date with the latest issues and debates with this fully updated edition.