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Oxford Literature Companions: Othello

Oxford University Press

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Oxford Literature Companions: Othello. The ebook is on PDF format and allows you to annotate and highlight on it. Written by Peter Buckroyd. Strong focus on provides a student-friendly support for Othello by William Shakespeare. This guide is easy to use in the classroom or as a tool for revision.

Easy to use in the classroom or as a tool for revision, Oxford Literature Companions provide student-friendly analysis of a range of popular A Level set texts. Each book offers a lively, engaging approach to the text, covering characterisation and role, genre, context, language, themes, structure, performance and critical views, whilst also providing a range of varied and in-depth activities to deepen understanding and encourage close work wtih the text. Each book also includes a comprehensive Skills and Practice section, which provides detailed advice on assessment and a bank of exam-style questions and annotated sample student answers. This guide covers Othello by William Shakespeare.

Oxford Literature Companions offer student-friendly support for A Level set texts. This guide to Othello is ideal for use in the classroom or for revision, providing insight into characterisation, contexts and critical views, along with activities that prompt a closer analysis of the writer's language and techniques.