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Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Course Preparation Economics

Oxford University Press

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Economics Course Preparation has been created to give students and teachers an introduction to basic economic concepts and skills needed for DP Economics. Ideal for students who have studied non-IB courses at pre-16 level, the text introduces learners to the IB approach, terminology and skills.. This book has been created to give students and teachers a solid introduction to the big questionsin the study of Economics. Following the IBDP curriculum and using a concept-based approach this resource will mean that students can begin their DP course with a firm foundation of subject area content. An emphasis will be placed on getting students to make connections to their real world observations so that the learning is authentic and applicable outside of the classroom. The focus for this resource is to build understanding of the key concepts and skills and use the DP content to introduce and articulate the bigger concepts and skills so that students are prepared for their Diploma course. Topics and concepts will be introduced and covered using reals world examples, case studies and applications. Content will be formally scaffolded to help students both build skills and content knowledge so that they are well prepared for their course and absorb DP knowledge more effectively. The resource is to be used on pre-DP courses at the end of the MYP, IGCSE or other course school year before starting DP, in summer break before DP, or up to a year before DP or even during the start of the DP course to learn necessary skills. These book do not replace the course book content for DP but are in line with the latest DP syllabus updates including assessment details, subject terminology and syllabus content