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MYP English Language Acquisition Phase 3

Oxford University Press

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MYP English Language Acquisition Phase 3. The ebook is on PDF format and allows you to annotate and highlight on it. Written by Kevin Morley and Alexei Gafan. Strong focus on helps students to refine, progress and perfect English acquisition.

Preparing MYP learners to step into IB Diploma English B with confidence, this text connects relevant learning material and objectives to the MYP curriculum framework structure. An inquiry-based approach enables reflection, questioning and critical thought, fully in line with the MYP approach.

-Build the high levels of English fluency central to student success in IB Diploma English B.

-Connect learning material and objectives with the MYP curriculum structure.

-Facilitate inquiry-based learning that drives reflection on big picture questions as students develop language skills.

-Frame English language learning within the context of key and related concepts, statements of inquiry, global contexts and approaches to learning.

-Prepare learners for assessment with practice and guidance directly mapped to the MYP assessment objectives.

-Develop confident language learners who are ready to progress, with practice that leads students confidently towards IB Diploma.

-Mapped to the most current MYP curriculum framework. Develop sophisticated English language skills.