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Mathematics Higher Level for the IB Diploma, 1st Ed.

by Paul Fannon, Vesna Kadelburg, Ben Woolley, Stephen Ward

Cambridge University Press

ISBN Print: 9781107661738

ISBN Digital: 9781316605615 9781139547819

This highly illustrated coursebook part of the completely new Mathematics for the IB Diploma series. It has been written by teachers to specifically cover the new IB Higher Level syllabus. The progressive approach encourages cumulative learning. The title ends with a chapter dedicated to combined exercises that require skills from many topics – a typical trick in the IB Examinations.


  • Worked examples show typical workings and thought processes.
  • Exercises are progressive and color-coded according to IB examination grades. They include short-answer questions and longer-answer questions typical of the IB examinations.
  • From another perspective boxes highlight international, historical, pragmatic and cultural differences between mathematicians.
  • Examiners hints highlight some common errors and pitfalls.
  • Key point panels highlight key things or formulas to remember.
  • Exam and Exam-style questions provide lots of exam practice.