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Mathematical Studies SL 3rd ed Digital

Haese Mathematics

ISBN Print: 9781921972058

ISBN Digital: 9781921972669


Mathematics for the International Student: Mathematical Studies SL has been written to embrace the syllabus for the two-year Mathematical Studies SL Course, first examined in 2014.

The course has a significant technology focus, and this book has been written with this in mind. Where appropriate, graphics calculator screenshots and instructions have been provided to help students use technology to solve problems. An algebraic approach to solving the problem may also be included for completeness, and to help the students enhance their understanding.

Syllabus references are given at the beginning of each chapter. The new edition reflects the new Mathematical Studies SL syllabus. Explanations have been reworded, making them easier for students who have English as a second language.

To help students prepare for examinations, the final chapter contains 200 examination-style questions.

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