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French B for the IB Diploma Oxford IB Skills and Practice

Oxford University Press

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French B for the IB Diploma Oxford IB Skills and Practice. The ebook is on PDF format and allows you to annotate and highlight on it. Written by Ann Abrioux, Pascale Chretien and Nathalie Fayaud. Strong focus on provides a study tool to comprehensively matches the 2011 syllabu.

Written by experienced French B teachers and workshop leaders and designed to solidify all the skills central to IB assessment, this focused study tool comprehensively matches the 2011 syllabus. Packed with targeted skills development exercises and with thorough insight into exam structure, it supports exceptional achievement.

The French course book and Study Guide have been written specifically for the Languages B programme taught from September 2011 with first assessment from May 2013. These two components are suitable for both Higher and Standard level students. These two components provide plenty of guidance and information about topics that students need to deal with the themes, text types and assessment required for the new Languages B Diploma programme. The Study Guide contains guidance on answering the new assessment questions; revision tips; study skills and in-depth analysis of the new assessment papers. The focus throughout is on helping students to know what to expect in the new assessment and how to prepare for this.

-Strengthens all the requisite skills, concretely heightening assessment potential.

-Written by experienced French B teachers and workshop leaders to comprehensively support the most recent Language B syllabus.

-Provides effective assessment strategies, with step-by-step methods for tackling questions.