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Computer Science Dossier. A Student Workbook, 2nd Ed.

by Jennifer Janesko, Richard Jones, Andrew Meyenn, David Mulkey

IBID Press

ISBN Print: 9781876659813

ISBN Digital: Non available.

This student workbook addresses the part of the IB Computer Science Diploma course that most students find most difficult – The Dossier.

The purpose of this book is to help students and teachers through the following phases:

  • Finding a suitable user and topic.
  • Analyzing the problem.
  • Designing a solution.
  • Implementing, testing and documenting the solution, all to a series of deadlines.

The book has been written by a team of experienced teachers who have guided many students through the process and who have also acted as moderators. Users of this book will be referred to a linked website where they will find supporting material, examples of Dossiers etc.