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Chemistry for the IB Diploma, 2nd Ed.

by Steve Owen

Cambridge University Press

ISBN Print: 9781107622708

ISBN Digital: 9781316027349 9781316507469 9781316637746 97811075

Chemistry for the IB Diploma (second edition) is fully updated for the IB Chemistry syllabus for first examination in 2016, comprehensively covering all requirements with clear demarcation between Standard Level and Higher Level material. Get the best coverage of the syllabus with clear assessment statements and links to Theory of Knowledge, International-mindedness and Nature of Science themes.


  • Additional online material, including Options chapters, practice questions and assessment guidance.
  • Learning objectives emphasize the key content in each section.
  • Lots of worked examples to help understand different question types.
  • Links to Theory of Knowledge, International-Mindedness and Nature of Science themes.