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Cambridge Additional Mathematics Digital

Haese Mathematics

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ISBN Digital: 9781921972935

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Cambridge Additional Mathematics

    • for use with the latest Cambridge IGCSE® Additional Mathematics (0606) and Cambridge O Level Additional Mathematics (4037) syllabuses

    • following on from Cambridge O Level Mathematics (4024) or IGCSE (0607) syllabus
    • wide range of graded exercises from routine practice and basic skills consolidation, to more demanding problem solving exercises
    • plenty of worked examples with step-by-step instructions

    • answers for every question and a detailed index

These syllabuses enable learners to extend the mathematics skills, knowledge, and understanding developed in the Cambridge IGCSE or O Level Mathematics courses, and use skills in the context of more advanced techniques.

The syllabuses have a Pure Mathematics only content which enables learners to acquire a suitable foundation in mathematics for further study in the subject. Knowledge of the content of the Cambridge IGCSE or O Level Mathematics syllabus (or an equivalent syllabus) is assumed.

Learners who successfully complete these courses gain lifelong skills, including:

    • the further development of mathematical concepts and principles

    • an ability to solve problems, present solutions logically, and interpret results.

This book is an attempt to cover, in one volume, the content outlined in the Cambridge O Level Additional Mathematics (4037) and Cambridge IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606) syllabuses. The book can be used as a preparation for GCE Advanced Level Mathematics. The book has been endorsed by Cambridge.

The examinations for Cambridge Additional Mathematics are in the form of two papers. Many of the problems in this textbook have been written to reflect the style of the examination questions.

The book can be used as a scheme of work but it is expected that the teacher will choose the order of topics. Exercises in the book range from routine practice and consolidation of basic skills, to problem solving exercises that are quite demanding.

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