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Advanced Mathematics 2 for A Level Digital

Haese Mathematics

ISBN Print: N/A

ISBN Digital: 9781925489330


This book is written for the revised GCE Advanced level (A level) Mathematics specifications for first teaching in 2017 and is designed to complete the A level Mathematics course in conjunction with Advanced Mathematics 1 for AS and A Level.

Key features:

  • Suitable for all Exam Boards
  • Wide range of graded exercises from routine practice to more demanding problems
  • Plenty of worked examples with step-by-step instructions, supported by Self Tutor
  • Answers for every question and a detailed index
  • Embraces problem solving and investigation
  • Online support material for Large Data Set(s) (available soon)
  • Digital book included with the purchase of the printed book (27 months subscription)

Teachers interested in seeing a preview of our A level books can obtain a free 4 month trial of the digital version by clicking here.

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