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French Foreign Language for Cambridge IGCSE, 1st Ed.

by Yvette Grime, Jayn Witt


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Category: French, IGCSE Languages

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French Foreign Language for Cambridge IGCSE. The ebook is on PDF format and allows you to annotate and highlight on it. Written by Yvette Grime and Jayn Witt. Strong focus on strengthen language skills and cultural awareness with a differentiated approach that offers comprehensive coverage of the revised Cambridge IGCSE™ French syllabuses for first examination from 2021.

-Develop the cultural awareness at the heart of the syllabus with engaging stimulus material and questions from around the world which will encourage a positive attitude towards other cultures.

-Progress the ability to use the language effectively with activities developing all four key skills, supported by teacher notes and answers in the teacher guide.

-Stretch and challenge students to achieve their best, whilst supporting all abilities with differentiated content throughout.

-Ensure the progression required for further study at A-level or equivalent.

-Help to prepare for the examination with exam-style questions throughout.