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Mathematics HL Core 3rd ed Digital

Haese Mathematics

ISBN Print: 9781921972119

ISBN Digital: 9781921972683

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Mathematics for the International Student: Mathematics HL (Core) has been written to embrace the core syllabus for the two-year Mathematics HL Course, first examined in 2014.

The new edition reflects the new Mathematics HL syllabus and includes syllabus references at the beginning of each chapter.

In response to the introduction of a calculator-free examination paper, the review sets at the end of each chapter have been categorised as 'calculator' or 'non-calculator'. Also, the final chapter contains over 200 examination-style questions, categorised as 'calculator' or 'non-calculator'. These questions should provide more difficult challenges for advanced students.

Investigations throughout the book will add to the discovery aspect of the course and enhance student understanding and learning. 

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